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Rotorflight is a flight control software suite for single rotor RC helicopters.

It is based on Betaflight, with many advanced features added for helicopters.

It consists of several components:

  • Rotorflight Firmware: The software that runs on your flight controller.
  • The Rotorflight Configurator: Update and configure the firmware using Windows, macOS or Linux.
  • Optional: Rotorflight Blackbox Explorer: Analyze Rotorflight logs on your computer.
  • Optional: Rotorflight LUA scripts: Tweak your helicopter on the field using your OpenTX/EdgeTX-ETHOS transmitter.

Most Betaflight G4, F4, F7 and H7 flight controllers are compatible with Rotorflight, but they usually require some soldering.

Since 2023 there are also Commercial Rotorflight controllers available.

Those dedicated Rotorflight controllers resemble traditional FBL units and don't require any soldering.


Rotorflight does NOT support multi-rotor drones, nor airplanes.

It is only for traditional RC helicopters.

Latest Rotorflight 2 Version

The Rotorflight 2 Snapshots for testing can be found on the Announcements page.

Discussion & Help

Get in touch with fellow Rotorflight users and the developers on social media platforms:

There's a lot of in-depth information available in this Website. The most important pages are shown in the sidebar on the right.